Our story …

My name is Samantha Didero and I am an interior designer. I have been given a second chance in life at the age of 41 with the birth of my second son, 13 years after my first! It has been magical to relive the experience of new motherhood all over again and it has been my joy to watch my little one discover breastfeeding.

With my first son, breastfeeding didn’t work out as I had hoped so it was particularly important to me that I could have this bonding experience with my second. A friend of mine told me about this great breastfeeding accessory that was really beautiful and functional in preventing cracked nipples. I prepared my overnight bag for the hospital and slipped my new shells inside for the big day. My son was born and I managed to start breastfeeding him right away.

What a unique experience! Luckily I was well-prepared with my shells. My baby turned out to be an insatiable little eater who passed the first few days of his life continuously attached to my breasts. What a relief it was to place the shells on my sore nipples in the short moments between feedings. It is surely thanks to the shells that I managed to survive those first difficult weeks of intense latching-on.

My interest in shells was reborn since my childhood days of growing up in the Caribbean. With the discovery of this completely natural method of maternity care I have decided to go on a new adventure searching the globe for perfect Babyshells for moms like you.