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Breastfeeding shell

What breastfeeding mom has ever daydreamed of slipping into the fins of a beautiful mermaid?

Well, if you haven’t yet…you can! Maternity and the choice to breastfeed doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of beauty and elegance. We can help you achieve that magical feeling and reduce the unpleasant effects of latching-on with our pretty shells carefully harvested from the depths of the clearest blue oceans and lovingly polished.

The first days and weeks of breastfeeding can be a rude awakening for new moms, especially if your little one is a voracious eater! The breast shell BABY SHELL is placed directly on the nipples and remains in place maintained by the bra. This completely natural method relieves some breastfeeding unpleasantness and gently protects your breast ends. The soft touch of mother-of-pearl is fresh and soothing. Discreet and reusable, the shell is the glamorous accessory of your breastfeeding.

Baby Shell come from Asia and the South Pacific oceans, carefully polished several times to make them shiny and soft, they are then controlled, calibrated and assembled manually by pair in France. This 100% natural method improves the comfort of the mother, at the beginning and throughout the period of breastfeeding, providing a feeling of freshness and softness. According to many testimonials, they effectively relieve various ailments related to breastfeeding (irritations, overheating, hyper-sensitivities, cracks ...). We invite you to discover all the benefits of using the BABY SHELL Nipple Protector on our "Benefits" page.




    CLEMENCE - September 27, 2017

    These shells saved me while I was on the verge of stopping breastfeeding after 2 months. Thank you also to the person who manages the orders because it was very available and reactive when I was waiting for my package. I recommend these shells to all mothers who want to breastfeed serenely.


    ALICE - September 15, 2016

    Shells are very effective wet dressings, discreet and practical to use everywhere. I used them for my breastfeeding start, which was a little complicated, and they helped me a lot! So I also offered a pair to my pregnant cousin: it is a nice gift for a future mother who wants to breastfeed, because it is very useful if you end up with painful cracks.


    NOEMI - December 7, 2017

    The comfort of these shells is not a luxury when you start breastfeeding! The soft mother-of-pearl soothes the nipple pains and the milk allows a very fast cicatrization in the event of cracks. I highly recommend, I do not care anymore!


    MIREILLE - May 20, 2016

    Hello, breast shells are a marvel, the best advice received during my pregnancy (thank you Mathieu - midwife man ;-)) Of my 3 children, this one is my best breastfeeding experience! And value for money could not be more correct. Thank you!


    CAMILLE - June 22, 2017

    "These shells have reconciled me with breastfeeding! I had great pain for my first two children but this time for the third, I used the shells from the maternity and it went very well, no cracks! In addition they are very pretty, it seems to take care of yourself as with a beauty product, and it is more eco-friendly than breast pads! I recommend them to any future mother who wishes to breastfeed! »

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    Baby Shell

    Breastfeeding shell

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