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Origins of the breastfeeding shell
The benefits of nature …
A 100% natural method to preserve your breastfeeding

Thank you Mother Nature for these beautiful seashells … they have the shape and perfect curve to come and marry and protect the nipple of moms, so sensitive in this period of beginning breastfeeding.

Where do these pretty shells come from?

Let’s dream little girls and imagine you beaches of white sands as far as the eye can see, bordered by majestic coconut palms, a light sea breeze cradling their palms, a soft and warm light caressing the waves … and yes we would like to be able to pick them up directly … these pretty shells that come from the bottom of the oceans of the South Pacific.

How are they worked?

The shells are carefully polished manually to become shiny and soft. Many polishing phases are required to remove their original greyish appearance. Then they are meticulously calibrated and assembled in pairs. Being all different in color and shape, it is important to form harmonious pairs. It is a meticulous and neat work. They are checked twice before packing and shipping. Everything is done manually, I can make you a pair to measure, whether it is : big areola, asymmetrical one, curved, flat…, I will be entirely at your disposal and I will take great care to satisfy you.

I thank you for trusting me and I wish you all a beautiful breastfeeding, enjoy it well because it goes too fast …