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Benefits of breast shells Baby Shell

A natural nipple protector …
Breast shell, All its benefits!

Baby Shell breastfeeding shells are carefully selected, polished and calibrated by Babyshell to position themselves comfortably on the tips of your breasts. Besides making you feel like a pretty mermaid, the smoothness and coolness of the shell’s interior quickly soothe the burning sensation that baby can induce during feedings.

The natural properties of breastmilk have been known for centuries. It’s a shame to not use it to heal sore nipples instead of letting it stick to lingerie or go to waste in breastfeeding pads.

Baby Shell shells harness this healing power of breastmilk by allowing you to express several drops into each shell before placing them on your nipples, creating a sort of milk bandage. You can use your favorite cream or ointment with the shells as well.

Some other benefits of breastfeeding Baby Shell are the protection they offer against friction from lingerie, clothing, etc, on sore, sensitive nipples, protecting your clothes from small leaks between feedings and the fact that they are 100% reusable!

Benefits of breast shells BABY SHELL

  • the Baby Shells should be placed directly on the tips of your breasts
  • They offer protection against frictions from lingerie, bras and clothing…
  • Promotes repair of the nipple thanks to the virtues of the mother’s milk which remains in contact with the nipples.
  • the goal is to protect your fragile nipples and keep them cool! The smooth surface of the shell should give you a feeling of soothing freshness
  • Keep your favourite cream or ointment in contact with the nipple and prevent staining of clothing.
  • Used to collect milk – contains small losses of milk, can therefore replace the pad if the losses are small.


  • Wash before the first use, then regularly with water with a mild soap and rinse well with clear water.
    Do not boil the shells and do not let cleaning products stagnate in them.
  • Do not sleep with them and avoid wearing them all day, even if you feel more beautiful with them! In fact, you risk sleeping by pressing on the shell that will then press the nipple and cause the rise of milk between feedings, which can cause clogging.
  • Use on healthy skin.
  • In case of redness, feeling of pressure it is likely that the size is not the right one. Contact us for an exchange.
  • In case of cracks, fungal infections or infection, take prompt notice with your midwife or health professional to determine the cause. A good position of the baby during feeding is important to warn you of the risk of cracks.
  • Remove the shell before breastfeeding your baby.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to mother-of-pearl or shellfish.
  • Do not use if the shell is damaged.
  • Do not leave within reach of baby and children.