Baby Shell Pack

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A pair of shells for breastfeeding (size of your choice)
A mermaid cotton tote bag
Soon Mom herbal tea (relaxing and comforting blend, herbal tea to drink throughout the day)
Ingredients from organic farming: natural rooibos, green rooibos, lemon balm, rose petals, lavender, adonis and cornflower flowers.
20g discovery bag – assembled by Happynine Paris for Baby Shell
Breastfeeding herbal tea (mixture of galactogenic plants, promotes breast milk lactation and soothes colic in infants)
Ingredients from organic farming: fennel, caraway and anise.
20g discovery bag – assembled by Happynine Paris for Baby Shell
Shellfish cleaned, checked and assembled in pairs manually in France

100% natural, from the bottom of the oceans and carefully polished, nursing shells are nipple protectors that relieve and reduce many ailments linked to breastfeeding (heating, hyper-sensitivity, irritation, cracks, etc.).
This is a 100% natural product, so they are all different in size, color and shape.


How to choose your size?

Measure the diameter of your areola flat, around the start of the 9th month. The shell does not necessarily have to cover or extend beyond the entire areola*.

*The aerola is the brown, round, flat part that surrounds the nipple.

SMALL: Shells measuring between 5 and 5.5cm / your areola must be less than 5cm
MEDIUM: Shells measuring between 5.5 and 6cm / your areola must be more than 5 and less than 6cm
LARGE: Shells measuring between 6 and 7cm / your areola must be more than 6 and less than 7cm
CUSTOMIZED: Shells measuring more than 7cm / your areola must be more than 7cm

To know if the shells are the right size, they must fit the nipples well (without necessarily covering or going beyond your areolas) and they must be comfortable when you wear them. You almost have to forget them…


If the size does not suit you, contact us to find out our exchange conditions.


Directions for use and product origin

The BABY SHELL nipple protector is a 100% natural shell.
This is a class I MEDICAL DEVICE – DE 93/42/EEC

Each shell is carefully selected, cleaned, calibrated and repolished (if necessary) in our workshop in France.
Then they are assembled in pairs. It is meticulous, manual and very artisanal work.

The shell is placed directly on the tips of the breasts and is held by the bra.

A true natural shield, its role is to protect you and limit certain inconveniences of breastfeeding, particularly rubbing of the underwear, and to keep the tips of the breasts cool! The soft contact of mother-of-pearl actually provides an immediate sensation of freshness, often perceived as soothing by many mothers.

A few drops of breast milk poured into the hollow of the nursing shell allow the nipples to bathe in it and thus benefit from its benefits.

If a treatment cream is used, it remains in contact with the nipple without risk of staining your clothes.

The shell contains the small losses of milk. It therefore serves as a milk collection. For significant losses, place a nursing pad over the shell.

The nursing shell is reusable after simple regular washing (note: do not boil them).

Use the shell on healthy skin and clean your nipples before breastfeeding.

The shells come from natural environments and come from different collection points located all over the world.


Wash before first use, then regularly with water and mild soap and rinse well with clean water.
Do not boil shellfish or allow cleaning products to stagnate in them.
The shell should be used on healthy skin.
Do not sleep with them and avoid wearing them all day, even if you feel more beautiful with them! In fact, when sleeping, you risk leaning on the shell which will then put pressure on the nipple and cause milk to come in between feedings.
If there is redness or a feeling of pressure, it is likely that the size is not the right one. Contact us for an exchange.
It is important to adopt a good position during feedings to prevent the risk of cracks.
Remove the shell and clean your nipples before breastfeeding your baby.
Do not use if you are allergic to mother-of-pearl or shellfish.
Do not use if damaged.
Do not leave shells within reach of babies and children.
Natural products that may present irregularities.
The photos are therefore not contractual, the colors and sizes of the nursing shells vary.

Product imported, assembled then distributed by Baby Shell ©



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