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100% natural, from the depths of the oceans and perfectly polished, these Babyshells will protect you from cracked and sore nipples.

The shells are sold by the pair with a linen storage pouch.

The shells are 100% natural so each one is different.


We recommend choosing your shell size based on the diameter of you areola (the pink area around your nipple).

The shell should cover your areola completely.

Pour choisir la taille de votre paire de coquillages, prenez en compte le diamètre de votre aréole.

Medium is the size which fits most women.


  • the shells should be placed directly on the tips of your breasts
  • the goal is to protect your fragile nipples and keep them cool! The smooth surface of the shell should give you a feeling of soothing freshness
  • sterilise or boil the shells before the first use
  • wash your shells regularly with warm soapy water
  • not recommended for prolonged or 24 hour use (not all day or all night)
  • let your nipples “breathe” as often as possible
  • discontinue use in case of infection or severe cracking and contact your midwife, doula, or obstetrician immediately
  • remove before breastfeeding your baby
  • do not used if known allergy to shells
  • do not leave in the reach of babies/children
  • you can add several drops of your breastmilk in each shell before placing it to benefit from the healing and antiseptic properties of your own milk
  • feel free to use your favourite cream or ointment in conjunction with the shell
  • the shells are reusable
  • they are 100% natural, polished and calibrated by hand

All photos on this website are non-contractual and do not represent the exact size and colour of your Babyshell breastfeeding shells. Babyshell is 100% natural so there is variability in each product.


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