Maternity necklace – Medium size


Awakening and portage necklace
To occupy your baby’s hands

Medium size
Handmade in France
Tested and compliant with standards: EN 71-1 -2 and 3


The awakening necklace is used to occupy your baby’s hands while you breastfeed it (breast or bottle), while you have it in portage or the time of a hug. It will grip the necklace instead of catching your hair or precious jewelry. The pearls of varied shapes, materials and colors will develop its sensory awakening.

A nice storage pouch will accompany your necklace as well as a small colored scales box.

Collar size: variable depending on the model


Recommendations and interviews

He simply talks about washing it with a soft soap, rinsing it with clear water and drying it.

It is recommended to wash it before the first use.

This is a jewel to be carried exclusively by an adult and it should in no case be left within the reach of the baby or a child without the surveillance of an adult.

Always check the good condition of your necklace before wearing it.

Should not be worn by the baby even under the surveillance of an adult.

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